Report: Concern for environment and health continues to impact packaging

The environment and health are the top global concerns for consumers in the food and beverage market, with a knock-on impact on packaging.

Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton package with FSC label


The Tetra Pak and Ipsos study found that consumers are making more informed choices over packaging, such as looking for environmental information in labelling and are purchasing environmentally-sound products even if they cost more.

It also found that consumers overwhelmingly see themselves as being the most responsible for both the environment (71%) and their own health (74%), followed by government and politicians, while brands and retailers feature much lower down; packaging and recyclability specifically are critical.

Gisele Gurgel, director business insights and analytics Tetra Pak, said food and beverage is probably the first industry to see the emerging trend for convergence of health and environment.

“It provides a new opportunity for brands to make a powerful, purposeful and personal connection with consumers by addressing and communicating both at the same time. Many consumers are eager to read and learn more about the environment, including package-related topics (39%) particularly via social networks. In particular, the sweet spot is natural/organic products; no additives, and seasonal also rate highly in this regard. In terms of categories, 100% fruit juice, white milk, packaged water, coconut water and plant-based drinks are the most compelling.”

Lena Gilchrist, client director, Ipsos, said: “This research project was unique in how it combined the two areas of health and environment and how we have segmented consumers based on the convergence between the two.

“The implication is that a tailored approach is needed to communicate with the different consumer groups. While some search fact-based information from scientists, others rely on input from friends and social media.”

Post time: Oct-17-2019

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