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  • Differen Sizes Pizza Box Available Now.

    Our brown corrugated pizza boxes are available in a range of popular sizes. Made from corrugated cardboard, they are sturdy so ideal for pizza take away outlets and restaurants. There are two vents on one side to allow the steam to escape so your customer will receive a crisp, fresh pizza! Due to...
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  • How to Make an Easy Paper Box?

    1 Choose your paper. For this method, rectangular paper works best. If you are making a gift or a party favor, use brightly colored and/or patterned paper. If you are simply practicing your paper folding skills, use some scrap paper instead. 2 Fold the paper vertically in half. If using pattern...
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  • How we produce high-quality paper straws in bulk?

    Kraft Paper Cutting We select kraft paper as the raw material from reliable suppliers with the following certifications: FSC, MSDS, and FDA. We guarantee that the material is nontoxic, degradable and recyclable, and eco-friendly to our planet. The kraft paper will be precisely cut into pap...
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  • Luxury Ice-cream tubs cardboard

    Whatever the season, a refreshing soft drink or milkshake is always enjoyable. Greenfoodpack – Our production of sunny soft drink and milkshake cups is sure to include a cup concept that is right for your food-service establishment or catering company. The cups are available in cardboard in...
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    With the festive season around the corner; here at Green food pack we are fully prepared with our classic printed double wall Christmas cups making their fantastic return. These wonderfully festive cups will really set your business off with that Christmas vibe that we all love this time of year....
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  • How Branded Coffee Cups Has Changed the Way of Coffee to Go

    When talking about the morning person, it is either they already drank their coffee or intending to. Those who had their coffee already are recognizable because their eyes are wide open and have engaged with the day already. They are already reading today’s paper, checking their mail, or have sta...
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  • Report: Concern for environment and health continues to impact packaging

    The environment and health are the top global concerns for consumers in the food and beverage market, with a knock-on impact on packaging. Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton package with FSC label   The Tetra Pak and Ipsos study found that consumers are making more informed choices over packaging,...
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  • Rayi lave asyèt apre yon pati?  - Sa a pral chanje lavi ou

    Rayi lave asyèt apre yon pati? - Sa a pral chanje lavi ou

    Lave asyèt se youn nan pwoblèm yo pi gwo nan kay la apre yon pati e sitou pandan festival tankou Ganesh Chaturti ak Diwali. Avèk envite nan vini nan tout jounen li vin difisil yo jere koule a menm si w gen kay èd. Pa gen ase istansil oswa anbarasman soti nan k ap sèvi manje nan pl ...
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  • Jete Plastik Ki Pa jetab pa Design

    Yon jetab se te fè pou lè l sèvi avèk ak voye ale. Vre. Men, sa vle di li se ok fè sa? Èske nou te eseye wè konsekans aksyon sa yo sa yo pouvwa genyen? Gen de aspè Mwen konprann nan yon pwodwi jetab - Price ak objektif. Pandan ke pri a depann sou yon kantite faktè tankou Mater ...
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